ITTAs Showcase Innovation in Instructional Technology

LA Unified Adult Education Instructional Technology Teacher Advisors (ITTAs) presented at the Outreach and Technical Assistance Network (OTAN) Technology and Distance Learning Symposium (TDLS) in Chula Vista Adult School on March 4, 2023. The ITTAs shared their knowledge and expertise, highlighting our division's commitment to innovative approaches to instructional technology.
The ITTAs' presentation focused on the essential role of the ITTA position in implementing and evolving our division's instructional technology initiatives. They showcased their superpowers in supporting their school sites and promoting innovation in teaching and learning. Their presentation aligned with LAUSD Strategic Plan Priority: 1A High-Quality Instruction (Integrate technology and access).
The ITTAs also highlighted their support for many of the evidence-based practices outlined in the California Adult Education Digital Learning Guidance (, including the use of technology tools, supporting the integration of video conferencing into instruction and PDs, and providing training on how to use our Learning Management System (LMS) Schoology for course delivery and content management.
Big kudos to the ITTAs for their valuable contributions to the field of instructional technology in adult education.