Slawson Southeast Occupational Center teacher selected as a teacher of the year!

One of our very own Adult Secondary Education teachers from Slawson Southeast Occupational Center has been selected as an LAUSD Teacher of the Year! Congratulations to Ms. Lorilee Quizon and the Slawson team for this grand achievement! 🎖️

When asked, "what brings you joy as a teacher?" Ms. Quizon states:

"My learners have been at-promise youth, parents or guardians, and adults from various stages of life. It has been a delight to witness my students’ bravery in returning to school, their growth in learning, their persistence to pursue education, and their resilience to overcome barriers. The greatest joy is seeing them achieve a high school diploma or equivalency certificate that enables them to build better lives for themselves and their families. I am grateful to my family, my Slawson Southeast Occupational Center (SSOC) community, my DACE colleagues, and my students for making me the teacher that I am today."

The Teacher of the Year (TOY) Program highlights teachers with a strong commitment to their students, school, and community. The Los Angeles County of Education Teacher of the Year will have the opportunity to compete for the title of California Teacher of the Year in partnership with the CA Department of Education.