Mrs. Lopez shares her ESL & Cosmetology success story!

My name is Jessica Lopez. I am from El Salvador. I came to the United States in 2007. I am married and I have one smart little girl. I left my country because it was very dangerous to live there. I did not feel safe, not even in my own house.
When I came to the USA in 2007, I was living with my aunt and my sister. One day in 2009, we were on Washington Boulevard buying food, and I saw the school Los Angeles Technology Center. I asked for information about English classes. I was so lucky to find it! I was able to take English as a Second Language classes, and later in 2016, I got my high school diploma.
I really wanted to learn English because I couldn’t even go to a restaurant and order my own food. I felt sad, I felt that I was in the wrong place with people speaking a different language. I said to myself, I can do this! I met friends that did not even know how to write or read, and they had succeeded in life. I wanted the same for me, and that motivated me to follow my dreams.
Taking classes at LATC in ESL and later on for my high school diploma was so hard and interesting at the same time. Everything was new for me. I got overwhelmed at times, but I never gave up, and it was a rewarding experience. My family was very supportive of me, and that helped me to keep going and be successful in life.
After getting my high school diploma, I took classes at Abram Friedman Occupational Center to get my Cosmetology License. In 2020, I started working as a cosmetologist in a family business. I feel very comfortable now communicating with my clients in English. I feel so proud of myself for what I have accomplished.
Everything I learned at school was useful, because it helped me to prepare to get my Citizenship, too. I am also able to help my daughter at school and understand better all the excellent programs that LAUSD offers to my girl. Thanks to LAUSD schools, my dreams came true!
My favorite quote is: “Dreams don’t work unless you take action.” My advice for others would be: Chase your dream and never give up. It is hard, but at the end everything is for your success.