Adult Education Virtual Academy (Aeva)

Welcome to the Adult Education Virtual Academy (Aeva) a tuition-free and entirely online school. As part of Los Angeles Unified School District Division of Adult and Career Education’s goal of providing high-quality, accessible education, Aeva helps to ensure that Angelinos have the support needed to achieve their career and educational goals regardless of the barriers and obstacles they may face. 


As a fully digital campus, Aeva is able to accommodate busy work schedules and help get students back on track towards learning English, earning their high school diploma, and training for their career!


Enrollment Information

Interested in taking online classes through Aeva? Click an interest list link below any of the following program areas to join the list for that area and be contacted by one of our staff members for assistance.

LAUSD District Proficiency Test Prep Course 
Click to join the interest list for this program.

Our comprehensive test prep course is designed to equip candidates with the skills and knowledge necessary to pass the LAUSD District Proficiency Test. Fill out this interest list form and we'll provide you with enrollment details and class start dates. Let us help you achieve your aspirations in the LAUSD community.


American Sign Language Communication Basics Course

It is a great time to learn American Sign Language Communication Basics. Learning ASL can help you connect with the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing community at school, work, and in everyday life. Please note that our ASL Communication Basics course has reached its capacity, but don't worry! An interest list for future classes will reopen soon. If you're interested, please stay tuned for updates on enrollment details and class start dates.

Learn about the benefits of citizenship, N400 application and naturalization process, 100 civics questions and interview strategies, history and government of the United States, and reading and writing tests.
Learn basic computer fundamentals using the latest software in operating systems, word processing, and spreadsheets. Emphasis will be placed on virtual communication platforms such as email and video conferencing.
ESL teachers use activities and projects to build your listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills in a friendly, interactive environment - Skills you may use to help your children in school and reach your college and career goals.

Explore geometry in our Geometry 1A and 1B online courses in a comfortable atmosphere with an experienced and patient instructor. This course is UC/CSU A-G approved, ensuring your academic goals are met.

Let us create a high school diploma or equivalency plan that fits your lifestyle and schedule. And our academic coursework is A-G approved, as required for admissions to California State University and University of California college campuses. 

Review the five tested subject areas.  Learn study techniques and strategies in test-taking.  Classes are live via Zoom with opportunities to study and practice 24/7 online.

Learn how to become a better reader! We'll cover important skills like connecting reading and writing, using references and study strategies, and even building skills for the community and workplace. Join us to improve your reading abilities and feel more confident in your reading journey.