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How is the Division of Adult and Career Education (DACE) funded and organized?

The Division of Adult and Career Education (DACE) is funded entirely through federal and state adult education categorical funds:

  1. Governance – California Adult Education Program (CAEP) funding is allocated through the Los Angeles Regional Adult Education Consortium (LARAEC) to member districts, which collaborate to provide adult students in the Greater Los Angeles area with seamless transitions to workforce and higher education. LA Unified Adult Education’s Executive Director serves on the LARAEC Executive Board, ensuring that the interests of adult learners in Los Angeles Unified are represented.

  2. Performance – A sizable portion of LA Unified Adult Education’s funding is earned through the achievement of performance-based student success outcomes. Achieving these outcomes provides additional funding, which is invested in our campuses and personnel to improve programs and better serve our students. LA Unified Adult Education is a state leader in performance.

Is DACE centrally or locally administered?

Both. DACE is very similar to a local district with a centralized team to assist schools with operational, instructional and fiscal support. There are 10 main campuses and over 140 satellite locations. At the campus level, principals collaborate with various stakeholders to design educational/workforce training offerings and schedules that meet the needs of the communities they serve.



What are DACE’s goals over the next three years?

DACE has been highly successful in aligning efforts with federal, state and regional adult education and workforce development initiatives. From 2022-25, we will expand efforts through the following initiatives:

  1. Aligning our workforce training pipeline with leading and emerging industries –  We will collaborate with business and workforce development agencies to ensure we are providing the best opportunities for Angelinos while creating a skilled workforce that is prepared for Los Angeles’ thriving future.

  2. Expanding access through a comprehensive online initiative – In this effort, students will have “anywhere/anytime” access to high quality online education and a team of dedicated, caring school leaders and teachers who will ensure the success of every student.

  3. Ensuring student equity by expanding comprehensive services and supports – We will accomplish this by continuing to strengthen workforce partnerships with agencies serving historically marginalized adults experiencing high barriers to employment and higher education as well as collaborating with LA Unfied local districts to amplify career pathways.


DACE is in alignment with federal, state, regional and district education and workforce priorities.
Coherence Framework
Key for the Coherence Framework



Mission Statement

Empowering learners to reach their academic, career and civic goals.

Vision Statement

The Division of Adult and Career Education will collaborate regionally to ensure that all learners are equipped to succeed in a global society