SMS Texting/Auto Dialer Call Terms

BlackBoard Connect

The Blackboard Connect 5 system has been upgraded to include new features.  Individuals receiving calls can now Opt-Out from getting future calls.

  • At the end of every message, Opt-Out instructions will be heard.  The recipient can press the appropriate number to Opt-Out the phone number on which they are receiving the call.  Alternatively, they can dial (855) 502-7867 to Opt-Out.

  • This will impact receiving Outreach (general) messages and Blackboard Connect for Teachers messages.  It does not impact Attendance or Emergency calls sent by schools, local districts or central district offices.  Attendance and Emergency calls directly impact the safety of students and staff and will continue to be delivered by the system.  

  • If an erroneous call is being made to a non-parent or non-employee, and they have already Opted-Out using the automated system, there is still the potential for them to receive Attendance and Emergency calls.  To fully prevent calls from being made to this erroneous number, it must be corrected on the MiSiS Parent/Guardian screen for K-12 schools or the appropriate screen in EESIS and ASIS for Early Education Centers and Adult schools, respectively.  For employees, the correction must occur in the Employee Self-Service system. Deleting the number directly from Blackboard Connect will only be effective for 24 hours or until the next LAUSD data file is received by Blackboard.

  • Parents and employees can choose to Opt back into receiving Outreach (general) messages by calling (855) 502-7867 for any phone number that was previously Opted-Out.

  • Blackboard Connect for Teachers messages will also include the same Opt-Out instructions.

  • For every text and email message sent, the recipient will also be provided instructions on how to Opt-Out from receiving future messages.