Step Advancement

Professional Development

Professional development provides opportunities for teachers to:

  • Discuss educational research
  • Improve instructional practices
  • Engage in critical thinking and self-reflection
  • Develop professional relationships

The Division of Adult and Career Education (DACE) encourages all teachers to attend professional development.


Professional Development for Salary Step Advancement


The following is from the Professional Development for Salary Step Advancement Guide (PDF):


Staff Development activities include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Attendance at Conferences
  2. Attendance at Workshops
  3. Attendance at Seminars
  4. Level I Coursework
  5. Level II Coursework
  6. Development of Course Outlines
  7. Evaluation of Educational Materials
  8. Presentation of a Demonstration Lesson for New Teachers
  9. Peer Observations for Teachers on Step A
  10. Peer Observations for Teachers on Step B
  11. Presentation of a Workshop
  12. Co-Presentation of a Workshop

For more specific information about salary step requirements, restrictions, and procedures regarding staff development, see pages 25-31 of the Professional Development for Salary Step Advancement Guide (PDF).


Individual teachers are ultimately responsible for following the correct procedures to obtain staff development credit.

For questions about salary step advancement, contact Salary Allocations at (213) 241-4952


Step Advancement Application Deadlines


Step Advancement Inter-Office Letter

Step Advancement Inter-Office Letter – Revised 2013 (PDF)

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