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2019-2021 DACE-SIS Comprehensive Support Plan: Review Copy

With Phase II beginning in January, the Division is putting additional processes in place to strengthen DACE-SIS implementation. The DACE-SIS Comprehensive Support Plan will proactively address: standardizing policies and procedures; communicating to key stakeholders in a timely and consistent manner; providing targeted, competency-based training; expanding DACE-SIS expertise at the school level; and improving data integrity protocols.
At its core, the DACE-SIS Comprehensive Support Plan creates a distributed training, support and feedback infrastructure which will be overseen by a DACE-SIS Specialist who will document policy, strengthen communications and serve as a liaison with our DACE-SIS stakeholders.
DACE-SIS Phase II, which will be rolled-out in sub-phases over the coming months and into next school year, includes new and innovative functions to strengthen student support systems, improve workflows and ultimately let us connect with our students in more meaningful ways.
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DACE-SIS Improvement Request Cycle

We are currently in year three of the DACE-SIS project and have transitioned from a development stage to a maintenance stage. For the maintenance stage, we have adopted a formal process for improvement requests. Based on the level of complexity of the improvement request, it can take up to six months to procure funding and implement the programming changes. To understand this cycle, download the flowchart below. 
DACE-SIS Improvement Request Cycle
You may submit a DACE-SIS improvement request using the form below. 
Download the DACE-SIS Improvement Request Form

Grade Change Request Form

Please follow the steps on the form(s) to successfully submit a grade change request by program.
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DACE-SIS Phase II Instructional Guide (Focus University)

On July 1st, 2019, DACE upgraded its Adult Student Information System (ASIS) to DACE-SIS. The new system includes several important improvements compared to the 30-year-old legacy system including: the expansion of customized reports, an expanded scope of data collection and improved compatibility with WIOA Title II data collection requirements. This manual will cover Phase II enhancements which will roll out on July 1, 2020. These enhancements include student self-registration, improved instruments for Individualized Student Plans (ISPs), digital competency checklists, a student portal, wait listing and email verification. Phase II enhancements promote improved counseling for all adult students, student-centered processes that support student retention and student goals, improved student engagement and learning outcomes, and acquirement of necessary digital literacy skills by all stakeholders.
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LAUSD Single Sign-on | Summer 2020 Onboarding

Review the steps and supports for helping LA Unified's Division of Adult and Career Education students activate their LAUSD Single Sign-on (SSO) account so they may use their DACE-SIS student portal, the Schoology learning management system and more.
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Interim Procedures for Scheduling Students into DACE Programs Due to School Closures

These interim procedures have been established for scheduling students into DACE programs during the COVID-19 closure. They are designed to promote consistent remote scheduling practices critical for data integrity and to ensure continued compliance with WIOA and CAEP funding requirements. After our school administrative teams provide us with feedback upon modeling these procedures, they will be formalized into a Division Guideline.
This document provides guidance for the scheduling scenarios and processes listed below:
  • New Student
  • Returning Student
  • Current Student Promotion/Retention
  • Current Student Seeking Additional Course
  • Online Application Process
  • DACE-SIS Demographic Information (DDI) Verification
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FAQ – Recording Online Distance Learning (DL) Attendance in DACE-SIS

DACE-SIS Quick Guides

DACE-SIS Quick Guides are easy to use, step-by-step, illustrated job aids designed for you to learn the procedures you need easily.

DACE-SIS Teacher Training Videos

DACE-SIS teacher training videos are available within the DACE Learning Network Schoology group under /Resources/Training Resources/DACE-SIS/.
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