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Equipment Inventory Control (6/7/2018)
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TOPSpro Entry and Update Staff Certification Forms (7/19/2018)
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Reporting Attendance Using DACE-SIS (9/10/2019)
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Marking Grades and Credits for Adult and Concurrent Students Enrolled in Division Schools (3/28/2020)
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Collection of Fees for High School Equivalency Test Administration (10/11/2019)
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CASAS/El Civics Certification Implementation (10/24/2022)
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Career Technical Classes Fee Waiver for AC2T Students (12/9/2019)
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Implementing and Monitoring English Literacy and Civics (EL Civics) (2/4/2020)
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Registering and Enrolling I-TRAIN Students (8/6/2020)
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Taking Attendance in DACE-SIS as a Result of School Closure in Spring 2020 (4/21/2020)
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Adult Students With Disabilities Attending Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) Division of Adult and Career Education (DACE) Campuses (12/22/2020)
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Division of Adult and Career Education High School Diploma Requirements in Conjunction With the High School Equivalency Exam (12/1/2020)
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Course Fees for Division of Adult and Career Education Career Technical Education (CTE) Classes (9/10/2020)
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Division of Adult and Career Education High School Graduation Requirements (7/1/2022)
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Adult Basic Education Program (8/18/2021)
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Marking Credits (5/11/2022)
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Transfer Courses Acceptable for Credit to Meet the Requirements for the Adult High School Diploma (7/1/2022)
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Grading Policies for Adult Secondary Programs (7/1/2022)
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El Civics Task Assessment Proctoring and Scoring (10/24/2022)
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Guidelines for Adult Education Independent Study (7/1/2023)